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Unrivalled veneer set specialists

Established in the 1960’s it has specialised in this area since its inception and has established itself as an unrivalled leading business in its field.

top quality veneer products and exceptional service

Beverley Veneers

Established in the 1960's

Specialised in this area since its inception and has established itself as an unrivalled leading business in its field.

Veneer Sets

Pressing quality veneered sets (flat packs) in various timbers for the leading coffin manufacturers in the UK.

Quality Craftsmanship

Offering a personal and outstanding service to the funeral profession, providing a comprehensive range of products.

Formidable Team

It's essential that our factory team is diligent in their work, paying attention to detail, using quality materials, and following best practices in veneer set production.

Stringent Quality Control

Ensuring high-quality veneer sets is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and the reputation of your brand.

Supplied Nationally

Supplying quality veneer sets to leading coffin manufacturers across the UK is a significant responsibility, given the importance of this product in the funeral industry.

Say hello to our

General Manager

Our team at Beverley Veneers is made up of hard-working individuals who take great pride in the quality of their manufacturing at each stage of the process always paying close attention to detail.

Ernie Walker

General Manager

Creating the finest quality veneer sets

Beverley Veneers are a specialist supplier exclusively to the coffin manufacturing industry with an enviable reputation for pressing quality veneered sets (flat packs) in various timbers. They are the starting point in traditional coffin making which greatly determines the appearance of the finished coffin.

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Years of Experience

Established in the 1960’s and growing a strong team of skilled staff, while never faltering in maintaining the highest quality throughout the years.

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With an Ever Growing Product Range

Carefully manufacturing our products to the high standard our clients know us for. Whilst always looking for ways to further develop our range.

our products

Finest Quality Craftsmanship


What Our Customers Say

‘Hi Ernie, I would just like to thank you for all your hard work over the last two years during the pandemic (COVID-19) and for keeping our coffin factory supplied with coffin sets. It’s been a challenging time for everyone. I appreciate the number of extra hours and weekends you and all your team have put in to keep us going. Once again, a massive thank you to you and all the team at Beverley Veneers.’

Beverley Veneers